Bulk X-Series Brackets


Bulk X-Series Brackets

The X-Series

The X-Series Bracket System is a revolutionary product, designed to provide affordable, high-quality, tool-free adjustability for roll-out shelving systems. Installation is quick and easy for kitchen builders and simple to use and adjust for consumers.

Unmatched Adjustability

Tool-free, post-installation adjustability allows users the flexibility to quickly and easily change their shelving configuration to adapt to their evolving needs.

Unmatched Durability

The X-Series Bracket System’s, solid, Appalachian Maple pilasters and high-strength, metal brackets have been tested to withstand 400,000+ open/close cycles with a 100-pound load without any impact on function.

How It Works

With a simple slide/swing motion the slides are disengaged from the pilasters and moved up or down to organize tall and short items.

1. Slide
2. Swing
3. Secure

How We Sell It

The X-Series complete system: from complete kits, to bulk brackets and pilasters, to single brackets is available from our distributors across the US. Find a distributor here.

Or contact us for bulk bracket sales in Pennsylvania.

About Us

FoxBlox was started in 2011 with roots in the cabinet industry. Arlin and Delmas Fox were looking for a better way to mount roll out drawers for their family cabinet business. When they were unable to discover any, they designed and developed the X-Series bracket. Partnering with Century Components brought their product to market.

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